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  • Dealing with a death in the family is difficult enough and the legalities that come afterward should not cause more unnecessary pain. Finding an experienced probate lawyer is essential when dealing with the complex issues and legalities involved in wills, trusts, and estate administration that could arise after the death of a loved one.   […]

  • Florida is listed as the third most complex probate state in the U.S.— preceded by California and New York—  making the need for an experienced probate lawyer more important than 94% of the country. Other factors— that many people fail to acknowledge— also factor in to the need for a skilled probate lawyer in Florida. […]

  • Broward County probate attorney can guide you through the difficult process Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. The complexity and duration of probate depends upon whether the decedent had a will or not. The process includes: proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid, identifying and inventorying the […]

  • Do you really need a Probate Attorney for your estate? No state requires you to use a lawyer to probate an estate, but probate can be complicated, and you can be personally liable if you do something wrong. One minor omission, one failure to send a copy of the petition, or a missed deadline can […]